Summer-School (5-8 June 2017) and Think-Tank GAIIA (9 June 2017)
“Gesture & Artificial Intelligence in Industry & Arts”
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

The body and gestures play a primordial role in everyday activities. From a young age, people develop sensory and motor skills by interacting with the world. Over time, they accumulate experiences and enrich their abilities. Their body is transformed, allowing them to express, communicate and interact with the environment. New enabling technologies contribute to a deep understanding of this interaction, through the capturing of movement, modelling, machine learning and analysis, as well as the transmission of artistic or technical gestures.

This week aims to bring together professionals concerned with gesture, such as scientists, artists, ergonomists, engineers etc. in order to discuss the potential synergies between art and industry. It is hoped to make it possible to identify the new uses of gesture capturing and of “embodiment” in the process of creation, both from industrial and artistic perspectives. It should also be possible to develop perspectives and suggestions for long-term research around human gesture. Another main aim of the summer school is educational, since participants will have the chance to attend presentations and play an active role in what is taking place in the workshops through-out the five days of the summer school.

Τhis Summer-School is part of Think-Tank GAIIA events
“Gesture & Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Arts”
which are organized in different European cities.

On Friday 9th June, after the Summer-School GAIIA, a Think-Tank “Gesture & Artificial Intelligence in Industry & Arts -What synergies will emerge for the next 10 years?” will take place at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Greece. The event will start at 9.30 a.m. and it is free of charge and open to the public. Please register for participating at the Think Tank by sending an email  at: . 

The aim of the event is to present innovation actions and researches that take place in both Greece and abroad in the field of gesture and Artificial Intelligence.

Professionals & PhD students             400€   (Includes food)
Students (Bachelor, Master)                250€   (Includes food)
Please visit registration page to select your registration fee and proceed with payment.
The Summer-School GAIIA registration fee includes:
– Participation in all talks and workshops
– Coffee breaks, lunches and social lunch during Think-Tank
 *UOM sponsors UOM students for participating in Summer-School and Think-Tank GAIIA
The Summer-School will be suitable for Bachelor, Master and PhD students, researchers, professionals from a range of fields, including AI, IT, arts, engineering, industry, business innovation, entrepreneurship etc.
Although the programme will include technical and artistic content, no pre-requirements are needed beyond a background in computer science.
The Summer-School GAIIA  will take place at the University of Macedonia from 5 to 8 June 2017

Think-Tank “Gesture & Artificial Intelligence in Industry & Arts -What synergies will emerge for the next 10 years?” will take place at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall,  on Friday 9th June, 9.30 a.m.

The Summer-School  and Think-TANK GAIIA  are co-organised by the Centre for Robotics of MINES ParisTech (PSL Research University), the research group “Images Numériques et Réalité Virtuelle” of the Paris 8 University and the Multimedia, Security and Networking lab of the University of Macedonia.