GAIIA operates as a hub which brings together experts and the public-at-large in the field of Artificial Intelligence and human movement.
The community consists of European researchers, engineers, digital artists, performers, academics, startups and lawyers with the aim to expand the potential outreach of novel AI-based concepts and technological paradigms.In this way, GAIIA organises workshops, international conferences, Think-Tank and Summer-School in Europe.
– Promote and disseminate knowledge
– Raise awareness, brainstorm and develop critical thinking
– Explore scientific, business and legal issues on Artificial Intelligence and Movement and its societal challenges in Europe
Once a year, GAIIA organises a Summer-School on Artificial Intelligence and human movement and aims to gather Ph.D. students, young professionals, the AIMove students, startups, etc. for tutorials, keynotes, poster presentations and interactive workshop sessions. It reinforces exchanges between industries, scientists, artists and students in a pedagogical perspective. The curriculum is structured in the form of courses with specific learning objectives. Students are able to experiment with software and algorithms for data processing, gesture recognition, creation of interactive interfaces, IoT and VR / AR. The Summer-School has more applied and concrete objectives, giving students the opportunity to develop mini-projects or group projects and present them at the end of the Summer-School. 
It brings together professionals, scientists, artists, policy makers,  etc., in order to discuss the potential of synergies between AI, industry and arts. The goal is to identify the new uses of motion capture, ‘embodiment’ and interactions in creative and industrial processes taking into account philosophical, legal and ethical aspects. Regular conferences are organized and new members are always welcome.
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